Meet The Avilas

....Dreams do come true when you believe in the gift and

the passon that you carry and take it and share it with others,

never forget where you come from, believe in your dreams and stay

on the constint grind. You Will succeed.

Fathers The Journey is a Motion Picture Film in the making, based on the book, Fathers The Journey To The Grammys.

Investors: This is a great opportunity for all; this movie project consist of the Motion Picture and Fathers The Journey Celebrity Concert with 12 major artists & others that were produced by Bobby Avila Sr., under Eye Productions, as well as many other talented artists.

We will have a soundtrack, the book, media and TV from major networks getting involved, once this project is funded. We are focusing on the concerts being in 12 major states & cities.

Concert goers, from each venue will be asked to donate $2.00 or whatever they can afford, to set up a foundation under the name of Rosario Avila & the Avila Family, in order to provide facilities and hire teachers to teach Music & Theatre for children, teens, and adults, to help give opportunity to communities all around the nation, starting with the 12 touring states and cities.

Bobby Avila Sr.



"N"Telligent Entertainment

Fathers The Journey, a incredible story of the Avila's

Bobby Avila Sr. and son's IZ Avila Bobby Ross Avila, AKA The Avila Brothers

Randy Turrow 

Co-producer/UPM Unit Product Manager/Financial Director


Producer/Production Manager/Writer at Featurepro, Inc

Greater Los Angeles Area Entertainment

Employment History

  • President of the Mentorship Program Directors
  • Chair Mentor Committee Co-Chair
  • Chair Mentor Committee members
  • All Crew Agency
  • AD/UPM East Council

Board Memberships and Affiliations

  • Chair of the Committee Directors
  • Member
DGA Western Council
  • Producers Guild of America/Directors Guild of America
  • Cinema Arts & Tech Film School
  •, 15 Mar 2014
  •, 1 Jan 2014

Beginning his career in the ubiquitous 'mail room' of International Creative Management (ICM), Randolf 'Randy' Turrow has gone on to be recognized by his peers as an outstanding film producer. From producing Adam Sandler's first feature to MTV's #1 music videos, Turrow has demonstrated his ability to manage complex projects, stay on budget and maintain a pleasant work environment.

His early work at the visual effects/CGI firm, Shockwave, included projects such as Titanic and Starship Troopers and Turrow learned the technical background necessary to manage effects heavy productions. A creator of forward thinking financing and incentives plans, Turrow has also produced small independent films. Randy has given heartily to our industry: as a member of the DGA Western Council, Chair of the DGA UPM/AD Mentor Committee, active on the Visual Effects Committee and a previous winner of the DGA's Council Award for Special Service. He also serves, on the Producers Guild's Film USA Committee. Based in Los Angeles, Randy is available for work worldwide.

Randy also holds his tenure as president of the mentorship program for the Directors Guild of America and is a member of their Visual Effects/Digital Technology Committee. 

The Crew

Bobby Avila Sr. & James Felix Jr.

On our way to the Staples Center, Grammy Awards for Usher's 9 nominations for Confessions.

George Trujillo

Associate Director


Concert Promoter, Music Production,

Radio Consulting and Organizing Artist, Entertainment Consultant, Group Coordinator

Joseph H. Glasser

Executive Producer/Protection Specialist

Entertainment Promotions, Productions, and Artists Management since 1980

World Class Security Service to the Executive & Entertainment World since 1977

Check us out at:

For your Security needs:

For your Entertainment needs:

Serving the executive, and corporate world for over 35 years with World Class Protection Services, and Entertainment, music concerts, and festival events.

Joseph H. Glasser continues to do what he does best, providing security and international protection services to Corporate America, and producing music festivals throughout Illinois and Texas.

In 1977 he began a career in the security and protection industry working in a management position for a national security firm located in St. Louis, Missouri; providing security services to clients in Illinois. From there he continued in the protection industry by serving as a Police Officer for the Southern Illinois Airport Authority.

After the airport Police Department, he decided to explore the industry as a Security Services Contractor, providing protection services to local city parks, and for special events at state fair grounds.

In 1982 he moved to Houston,Texas. After the move, he served as a Port Police Patrolman for the Galveston Wharves Police Department.

In 1989, he entered into a position as a Texas State Security Company Licensed Manager for a Worldwide Protection Agency based in Washington, DC. This company provides special operations security agents for Fortune 500 companies, and protection agents to American diplomats, dignitaries, and embassies of foreign countries.

During this period, he traveled for The Vance Company throughout major American cities working as a Protection Agent with The Royal Embassy of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Secret Service, providing protection and logistics for the members of the Royal Family and citizens of the Kingdom who were involved in a 7 month visit to America during a cultural exhibit of the Kingdom.

At that time, he also managed Special Operations Security and Protection details for over 600 companies throughout America, as well as working contract services with the United States Secret Service, The US State Department Office of Diplomatic Protection; providing services for past President George Bush, Sr. and past First Lady Barbara Bush during a visit to the Wall Street Journals 100th Anniversary Celebration held at the World Trade & Finance Center in New York City.

Mr. Glasser separated his employment with Vance International companies during June 1998.

During late 1998 he spent 4 months as a Protection Services consultant doing business as First Investigators Network Security in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico; writing and implementing new security and safety plans for a Osram Sylvania Electric manufacturing facility.

Starting in November 1998 to this date Mr. Glasser continues to provide executive protection services to clients throughout America with World Wide Capabilities of Operations.

He also has a joint venture/partnership in PME Investigative and Security Services, a Galveston Island, Texas based security firm since 1985, while maintaining career in the entertainment world producing music festivals, and booking entertainers.

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Fathers The Journey Celebrity Concert


The Avila Brothers, Usher, Janet Jackson, Macy Grey, Yolanda Adams, Gwen Stefani, Chaka Khan,

Mary J. Blige, The Time, Earth Wind & Fire, Booker T. Jones, Anthony Hamilton

Eye Productions Artists

SkeeLo, DiaMonique, Latin Side of Soul, Lighter Shade of Brown, DW3

More will be added to the show.

There Is Much More on Fathers The Journey