Meet The Avilas

....Dreams do come true when you believe in the gift and

the passon that you carry and take it and share it with others,

never forget where you come from, believe in your dreams and stay

on the constint grind. You Will succeed.

Fathers The Journey, Movie Coming soon!

“N”Telligent Entertainment Productions/"N"Telligent Records  

Music producer, Bobby Avila Sr. has produced Bobby Ross Avila, and IZ —who was also known, in the early years, as rap artist, Izzy Real— who are known today as, The Avila Brothers; Grammy Award winning producers.

Bobby Avila Sr. has also worked and produced with Grammy Award Producers such as, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis among others.

A group of associates are at work structuring the making of a movie project, based on Bobby Avila Sr.’s book, Fathers: The Journey to the Grammys. It has been a journey to find the right chemistry, the right group of actors and actresses, as well as a line of Directors. The group feels confident that they could to take this life story and bring it to a Blockbuster level, but most of all, into the hearts of struggling families—children, teens and even adults—that may have and are experiencing what Bobby Avila Sr. experienced throughout his life.

Bobby has said, “There is redemption and light at the end of the tunnel for all, if you are willing to release the negative and past that poison the minds and destroy families. All are not perfect; we all have flaws and weaknesses that are common to humanity. That's what we call being human, but always remember that tomorrow is a new day to make it right. Life is too short to be miserable—there is so much to live for—dreams can be reality; so make it happen for you, just as I did for myself. There are many rewards and blessings for your struggles as long as you know how you got there and where you came from. When you take your eyes off of Him, you will surely fall. I know from experience.”

It was a Fathers Journey, an American dream. I hope this motion picture will bless you.

Fathers The Journey motion picture in the making! Coming Soon

Unit Product Manager, Randy Turrow

Investors welcome. We are ready for casting with great actors and top Grammy winning recording artists. Fathers The Journey, is a feature film based on the book, Fathers: The Journey to the Grammys, which is the true life story of two fathers and two young Hispanic sons, who made history. The Avila Brothers were the first ever to be awarded Grammys in the Urban category. This is a great inspiring story for all.

All investors inquiring about investment opportunities for the Motion Picture, please contact Bobby Avila Sr. or Ben Munoz, Public Relations; or for questions regarding investment details, at

[email protected]

[email protected], or; contact page

Grammy award winning producers, The Avila Brothers are the only Latinos in music history to receive Grammys in the Urban category. They have produced many Grammy Award winning artists, such as; Usher, Janet Jackson, Anthony Hamilton, Macy Grey, Gwen Stefani, Earth Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan and so many others.

Currently Bobby Avila Sr, is working on a movie project, Fathers The Journey; based on the book, Fathers The Journey To The Grammys, a true story of his journey through life.

Bobby Avila Sr. is also trying to organize a concert in 12 to 14 major states and cities, titled: Fathers The Journey Celebrity Concert. This will be to help promote the movie project, as well as to establish and promote a foundation to donate funds in the name of Rosario Avila & the Avila Family. The purpose of this foundation is for funding to create workshops, procure facilities and to provide music and acting teachers to teach Music and Theatre to the youth and adults, from each city in which we perform.

Looking for funding and investors. We need all your support!

**Investors: there will be a great amount of revenue that will be generated through the celebrity concerts, this is also a great marketing tool for the movie, the trailer will be played between group changes to promote the movie. It will be a great, and guaranteed prosperous journey, and a wonderful investment made for all involved.**

The Great Opportunities God Gave Bobby Sr.; A dream of a life time.