Meet The Avilas

....Dreams do come true when you believe in the gift and

the passon that you carry and take it and share it with others,

never forget where you come from, believe in your dreams and stay

on the constint grind. You Will succeed.

Who we Are. N'Telligent Entertainment is a non-profit started and dedicated to giving back to the Inland Empire's Artists, Musicians, Movie-Makers and Writers.

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Starting Up

We are working to start a movement throughout our community, and turn it into the next hub of entertainment and innovation.

Giving Back

The company is set to discuss with visitors their plans on moving forward, and express their dedication to assisting local talent in pursuit of their dreams, whether it be publishing, music, or film.

We are working to start a movement throughout our community, and turn it into the next hub of entertainment and innovation.

Proudly based in the Inland Empire, N'Telligent Entertainment is dedicated to the giving back and providing opportunities to our community.

Here at NTelligent Entertainment, we offer an array of services pertaining to entertainment. From music to film, we strive to provide creative and talented people of the IE an opportunity to make themselves known, without having to travel away. With an extensive and impressive background.

June 8, 2015

Paramount Studios, Los Angeles CA - This year's CineGear Expo was a blast! Everyone in the cinema and photography industries were there: Sony, GoPro, Canon, Panasonic, you name it! From the latest drones to the smallest cameras, everything at this years event gave us a an amazing look at the future of entertainment. Along with seeing some of the latest technology and advances, we met and networked with so many great people and companies. One of our most memorable highlights was the opportunity to speak to and inspire many of today's newcomers and tomorrow's innovators.


November 17, 2015

SAN BERNARDINO, CA. —Event attendees, consisting of California State University San Bernardino students and other guests, had the opportunity to hear the stories of adversity and triumph by the Inland Empire’s very own, Avila Family.

On November 16th at Cal State San Bernardino’s Santos Manuel Student Union, Bobby Avila Sr. and his sons, IZ and Bobby Ross, presented in front of many guests their journey into the music industry. They recounted stories of their childhood, their Inland Empire roots, working and growing up in and around the entertainment industry.

By sharing their personal experiences from their trying times to their proud moment of receiving Grammy awards, the Avila’s provided their guests with words of encouragement and tips to continue pursuing their dreams.

Bobby Avila Sr. went on to discuss his company, NTelligent Entertainment, a non-profit organization looking to provide local talent hope and an opportunity to reach their dreams of entering the entertainment industry without the struggle of having to leave the IE.

An objective for NTelligent Entertainment, as mentioned by Bobby Sr., is to eventually create scholarships for those in need of assistance and for individuals with the aspiration to be a part of the entertainment industry. Internships were mentioned as future opportunities to be provided by NTelligent.

As the evening was coming to a close, guests were allowed to ask their questions. At some point, the brothers had a touching and emotional moment when Bobby Ross was discussing his little brother, IZ.

To close the event, Bobby Ross and IZ announced that they will be releasing an EP Album on December 1st titled "Beats, Riots +Lives." They then followed up with a performanceof songs they have helped produce and write for famous musicians, such as Usher, Janet Jackson, and many more. As the event concluded, guests were then invited to a mixer with the Avilas. 

Giving BackProudly

based in the Inland Empire, N'Telligent Entertainment is dedicated to the giving back and providing opportunities to our community.

Created By Students

Created By Students

N'Telligent Entertainment was founded by a hand-full of local college students selected by Bobby Avila who wanted to create something that had never been seen before. A new entertainment capital to grow out of the Inland Empire, for the future of the Inland Empire. Bobby Avila thought that creating the future should belong to the future and so, decided to give students from local I.E schools the opportunity to build something the Inland Empire needed out of pure dedication and ambition.

Arnold Robles - COO/Co-founder

Arnold is a national award winning sound engineeris a natio and producer, whose work includes syndicated programs for NPR. Currently an undergraduate at CSUSB, he is double majoring in Public Relations and Mass Communication.

Making things happen

Numerous plans and projects are in the works to start gaining notice and recognition.

Meet the Avilas

Bobby Avila Sr., patriarch to the Grammy award winning Avila family, was the driving force behind his family's initial musical success. After realizing his sons' passion and talent for music, he slowed down on his own musical endeavors, focused instead on managing, producing, and overseeing the careers of his gifted young sons.

Bobby now wants to give back to the community that helped him turn his dreams into success for his entire family. Offering artists, musicians, and writers of all levels the opportunity to learn, develop skills, and launch their careers. 

“I started with nothing but a dream, and that dream got me where I am today... San Bernardino, Rancho, Ontario, Riverside, Moreno Valley, Colton; ALL have BIG dreams with true talent pushing it to be real. Our best talent in California is having to drive out to Los Angeles to go be a part of what we could accomplish and build; right here.”

— Bobby Avila Sr.

Bobby Avila Sr.


Avila Brothers, producing for the likes of Usher, Janet Jackson, and Gwen Stefani. The Avilas are the first Latinos to ever win Grammys in the urban category; and have done so 4 times thus far.

Fathers: The Journey to the Grammys is N'Telligent's first major project.

Fathers: The Journey to the Grammys is the autobiographical book written by Bobby Avila Sr. that details his family’s history and climb to the top of the music industry. The book tells the story of his family's humble beginnings and the turmoil that would eventually leave his loving family torn apart. Down and alone, Bobby was destined for a life on the streets until he found redemption through music. Fathers: the Journey recounts the many experiences that he and his children encountered during their climb to the top. This is the unforgettable true story of Bobby Sr. and his sons, Bobby Ross and IZ Avila - better known today as the Grammy award winning producers ‘The Avila Brothers.'

This is the unforgettable journey of a loving father, and his mission to give his sons the opportunity of a lifetime and eventually take home the Grammys.