Meet The Avilas

....Dreams do come true when you believe in the gift and

the passon that you carry and take it and share it with others,

never forget where you come from, believe in your dreams and stay

on the constint grind. You Will succeed.

Bobby Ross Avila Opening for the New Kids On The Block 1990

Good Day LA Show

Music Man / Music Man Remix

I'm Your Puppet

Lets Stay Together

Bobby Ross Avila, his back up vocalist and great musicians; DW3—AKA Down With 3—performing at Harvest Riverside.

Sharing his gift with many; many found what they call real life, and people were blessed by his remake of Al Green's, Lets Stay Together; Bobby's Gospel version from the Into My Life album.

Secular album; Que Pasa, What's Up; Bobby comes with his powerful message. "N"Telligent Records

La La Love

Izzy Real

IZ performing at Harvest Riverside.

Sharing his gift with many. From testimonies, many came to realize time is short; now is the time to make it right.

Many people were blessed by his third single and lyrics, Stand, from his album Wake Up The Dead.

Many took a “stand” with his powerful message. "N"Telligent Records 

Latin Side Of Soul

Produced BY:

Bobby Avila Sr., Bobby Ross Avila Jr., IZ

Latino Mambo


IZ Drumming for Macy Grey

My dreams and Goals and accomplishments, still haven't been accomplished totally! On that Journey That doesn't end. What I have experienced throughout my life and the advice I can give you, no matter what type of gift or desire and dream you have, let know one tell you that your not capable of anything, a person told me long ago, you could not of done it without me, wither it be acting, singing, playing instruments or what ever, I wasn't the greatest musician but I played my parts and I ran my own Bands, some greats had no problem playing with me, cause I had the gigs, average keyboard player that knew how to entertain, I've always believed what the

Ojay's said in there song, GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT WANT and that's what I did, even in the music world as my son's are carrying on as well, you may not know that progression or passing notes at the time, but you can practice what ever it is that you need to learn, there's that saying that some greats forget, practice makes perfect and that's what we all have to do is practice, nothing is impossible if you have a goal and dream and believe in God and yourself, you can be anything you want to be, God opens doors you can't imagine, some of us try to do it without him, that's why some fail, Let no one rob you of the gift and blessing God gave you, it takes practice, hard work passion and much patience. Oh how I know. Thank you all for being there when we started, its because of some of you, we achieved what we accomplished. God Bless you all and may your Dreams Come True.

Bobby Ross Avila on The Joan London Show

Now the sacrifice; the seeds that were watered. The plan and the future musical career for the young Avilas—The beginning for Bobby Ross Avila was in 1989, with Music Man, which was his first album record deal with RCA.

Pictured below is Jaymes Felix—a recording artist in his own right—and his wife Delany. Jaymes was co-producer on Bobby Ross Avila’s first album and he was also the lead singer for Tower Of Power. He played bass and sang on Andrae Crouch & The Deciples album, This Is Another Day as well. He was Bobby Ross’s mentor, close friend of Bobby Avila Sr., and was also part of Bobby Sr.’s earlier groups.

Jaymes Felix, Producer/Arranger/Writer/Artist/Musician

Family & Partner, Lee Silver

White As Snow

Bobby Sr.'s Eternal going home song

All That I Do

La La Love

The Avila Work House

Eye Productions


Bobby Avila Sr.

Bobby Ross Avila Jr.


The Avilas






Latin Side Of Soul


DiaMonique is still doing it. She has taken herself to another level with her passion; always on the grind. Bobby Sr. & the boys were honored to have the opportunity to work with her. She is loyal to this trade that she loves.


Skee-Lo is still working and staying busy with another album out.

Must check it out!

Bobby Sr & the boys were blessed to be part of Skee-Lo's beginning under Eye Productions.

He rose to be a Rap Star with a single that went international,

I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller.

Skee-Lo went on to become one of the top west coast rappers.

What an honor for Eye Productions!

There Is Another Chapter of The Avila Brothers