Meet The Avilas

....Dreams do come true when you believe in the gift and

the passon that you carry and take it and share it with others,

never forget where you come from, believe in your dreams and stay

on the constint grind. You Will succeed.

The ultimate experience for Bobby Jr., performing for Obama with other ultimate legends like Mick Jagger, Jeff Peck, B.B. King, Booker T. and many other artist. An experience of a lifetime, to remember forever. go to Facebook and search for Bobby Ross Avila to get the whole scoop and details of this greatest opportunity and experience of a life time, shared with everyone in concern, God has truly blessed this young man due to the faith of his grandfather, Ross Avila, he is rejoicing in heaven every moment, proud of his grandsons, Bobby's brother IZ, wasn't able to make it due to the continuance of the OMG tour now in Africa but knowing that he is so proud of his brother, also visit and get the latest news on what they are doing next, keep updated, their's always exciting news.

Also you can check out the whole show February 27th and if you missed the show go on line to Watch now: Red White and Blues |The Performance at The White House | PBS Video